Theater des Friedens in Letschin / Germany

Letschin Theater des Friedens postcard

Letschin is a small town in the Oderbruch on what is now the Polish border. The place was badly damaged in the last days of World War II. To my knowledge, the cinema in Letschin is the first cinema building built in the GDR. It opened in 1950  with the name Theater des Friedens - Theater of Peace.  There was a cinema, a cultural center and restaurant. The restaurant closed in 1958.

In 1960 the cinema was converted into a cinema for widescreen films. The last cinema event was in 1991. The cinema finally stopped operating for cost reasons and unclear ownership.

In 1993 the building and land could be purchased by the municipality of Letschin. it was possible to renovate the outer facade a year later.

In 1995, the association Altes Kino e.V. was founded with the intention of revitalizing this venue and creating a center for different generations to live together, promoting social integration and cultural life in the community and beyond. After the reopening on January 29, 2000, the “Altes Kino e.V.” association took over the use of the building and also the recommissioning of the cinema technology.

Today, the house with the name Haus Lichtblick has a small café and also houses the municipal library. A blockbuster is shown every month in the cinema, and interesting special programs (including eco-film tour, children's film festival, Brandenburg film discussions) take place regularly. Thanks to its flexible furnishings, the cinema hall is also a venue for theater and cabaret performances, concerts, readings, discussions and cabaret performances and much more. Back to its roots as a cultural center.

The postcard was printed in 1961. 

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