Cinema "Pushkin" in Chelyabinsk / Russia


These are not easy times to write about cinemas in Russia.

I recieved this postcard from Evgeniya from Chelyabinsk via Postcrossing. She sells postcards in her own web shop Edencards, including this one. The picture is painted by Mikhail Voronov-Kushakovsky, an artist from Chelyabinsk.

Cinema Pushkin in Chelyabinsk opened it doors in 1937, the centenary of the death of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. Located almost in the very center, the cinema has become the most important component of the “Pushkin corner” of the city, along with Pushkin Street, the park and the library. 

The cinema wrotes: "For the natural life of a civilized man, memory is necessary: aesthetic and moral experience. For this, people come to our cinema. We want to present cinema 'different', author's. It goes differently to its audience. But most importantly, we hope that in our city the cinema named after Pushkin has already formed its audience."

What films are shown in these days there?
- La Croisade (Louis Garrel, France 2021)
- Otrovy i vybros (Kirill Sokolov, Russia 2021)
- Où est Anne Frank? (Ari Folman, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Israel)
- Oslo, 31 August (Joachim Trier, 2011, Norway)
- Andrey Rublyov (Andrey Takovsky, 1969, USSR)

Спасибо, Евгения, за интересную открытку!