Kosmos in Yekaterinburg/Russia

I got this postcard from Katya from Yekaterinburg, a lovely art postcard showing the cinema Kosmos in Yekaterinburg. The picture was painted by Maxim Nikiphorov, he called it Осенний космос / Autumn space.
Kosmos was opened on December 25, 1967 as a multi-purpose cultural institutiion. Today it is one of the largest concert venues as well as one of the biggest cinema theaters in Yekaterinburg. There are three halls: the Big Hall (equipped with one of the largest movie screens in Russia, 1939 places), the Green Hall (126 places) and the Blue Hall (126 places).
Большое спасибо, Катя!


Rus in Vladimir/Russia

Vladimir is a town 200 kilometers to the east of Moscow. It was one of the  medieval capitals of Russia. The name of the cinema Rus remains to the history of the city. The building looks new, maybe built in the 1970s. The postcard is from 1986.
Today there is still a cinema called RusKino in Vladimir, it was opened in 2007 after reconstruction. Maybe a new building at an old place.