L'Empire Cinéma in Fès / Morocco


L'empire cinema Fes Morocco postcard postcard

The construction of the L'Empire Cinéma in Fès began in the summer of 1931 with the Empire-Jardin, an outdoor cinema venue. The architect of the cinema with 1800seats was François Robert (born in 1902 in Charleville), who worked for the company Balima and designed for it the Balima hotels in Rabat and Ifrane, as well as other buildings on avenue Mohammed V in Rabat and around it. 
Mr. Joseph Seiberras from Malta (1886-1942) was the owner not only of this emblematic cinema of the colonial period in Morocco, but also of forty other cinemas built at the time in Algeria and Morocco.
The cinema was closed in 2012, demolished and replaced by the Mégarama Fès, a multiplex cinema.

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