Thalia in Dresden/Germany

I bought this postcard in a shop near this cinema. It's pity that there aren't well made postcards with cinema buildings often today. Now Stephan Böhlig took same photos and published them as postcards.
Thalia is a nanoplex-cinema with 75 seats and only one screen. It is situated in Dresden-Neustadt and opened in 2004.
If you come and visit Dresden I recommend you visiting this cinema. It has a good program and shows many movies in original version.


CineMec in Ede/Netherlands

I got this postcard via postcrossing from the Netherlands.
I think it is an ad card for a new cinema. But unfortunately there weren't written any name and address on the card. But I could found it: it is the CineMec in Ede. CineMec opened in 1999. It is a building for cinema and conferences and has at all 9 rooms, with 120 to 1030 seats, made by DP6 Architectuurstudio

Friedensgrenze in Guben/Germany

The postcard shows the cinema Friedensgrenze in Guben/Germany.
Guben is a town in East Germany, on the border between Germany and Poland. In 1945 the town has been seperated by the Oder-Neisse-Line in the German Guben and the Polish Gubin. The name of the cinema refers to this line: Friedensgrenze = Border of peace. This was an official phrase for the Oder-Neisse-Line in East Germany.
The cinema was opened on 8 March 1956 with 650 seats. After the German reunification in 1990 the West German UFA enterprise bought the house and changed the name in a simple Filmtheater Guben. The cinema closed in 2000. So Guben is now another town without a cinema.
The building still exists and designated a historic monument and decays.
I like the three young persons in front of the cinema, looking for the next adventure.

An ad card from China

I got this ad card from China via postcrossing.
It advertises the OSGH CINEMAS in Suzhou. The company has 4 houses in this city. It would be interesting to know if the card shows a real existing cinema or only an advertising drawing.
At all - I like it.


Rodina in Mogilev/Belarus

I got this postcard with postcrossing from Belarus.
It shows the cinema Rodina in Mogilev, the third largest city in Belarus. The name Rodina means "home, homeland".
The cinema was opened on 6 November 1939 (the 7 November is the anniversary of the October Revolution). The first shown movie was Светлый путь / Tanya by Grigori Aleksandrov
Today the cinema has one screen, 200 seats and shows movies in 3D.
In front of the cinema there is the Ploschad Zvezd / Stars' Square with a figure of the zodiac and a star gazer. This a work by the Belarusian sculptor Vladimir Zhban. 
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