Filmtheater in Seifhennersdorf/Germany

The Filmtheater in Seifhennersdorf was opened in on 14th September 1956. It had 428 seats in one hall, later 365 seats. Seifhennersdorf is only a little town situated on the border with the Czech Republic, famous for Upper Lusatian houses. In 1956 it had about 9500 inhabitants, in 2013 about 3800. The cinema was closed in 1991 and later was demolished. Here you can read more about this cinema.

New Shirin Talkies Cinema in Mumbai/India

I got this intersting postcard from the Netherlands via postcrossing. It is a picture from the book Bollywood Dreams by Jonathan Torgovnik
The New Shirin Talkies Cinema is one of the oldest cinemas in Mumbai with one screen. I don't know if it is still showing movies or if it closed. 
The view of the audience in a cinema is very rare and strange. People look like being in trance, forget all around them and the old and uncomfortable chairs beneath them. Sitting in the front row is the most direct contact with the screen you could have (I did it sometimes too).
And where are the women?