Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Die leibeigene Schauspielerin" 1964

This photo is taken in Kino International's earliest months. The advertised movie is the Soviet movie Die leibeigene Schauspielerin / The Serf Actress / Krepostnaya aktrisa (USSR 1963, Roman Tikhomirov). It is a musical in Sovscope 70, that means the movie is produced in 70 mm. The special 70 mm-technology can still be used today at Kino International.
Kino International opened on 15 November 1963, the movie realesed in East Berlin in May 1964.
The postcard is published by Gebr. Garloff KG in Magdeburg.

Just found another postcard with the same advertised movie at night, published by Dick-Foto-Verlag in Erlbach/Vogtland.


Bukhara in Bukhara / Uzbekistan

Cinema Bukhara opened in 1974 with 850 seats in one hall and is still working. The postcard is published in 1975.
If you love cinemas and movies and you are in Uzbekistan, don't forget visiting the Museum of cinema of Uzbekistan in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. First movie was shown in 1897 in Tashkent. Today Uzbekfilm is the largest and oldest film studio in Uzbekistan, it was established in 1925. It has produced about 400 feature films and 100 animated films until now.


Letní kino in Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic

The open-air cinema in Karlovy Vary/Carlsbad/Karlsbad opened in 1946 with 3500 seats. It is still used as a cinema: Letní kino. You can see there movies and listen to concerts. It is also a scene of the International Film Festival. But you can't see there the newest movies, because there isn't the digital technic. There are shown older movies with good 35 mm projectors. Kino Nostalgia.


Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Firmafest" 1976

You can see at this postcard the idea of a cinema's front like a big shop-window. The name of the cinema, parted by the film poster, nearly a Golden ratio.
The advertised movie is Firmafest / Firmafesten (The Office Party) by Jan Halldorf (Sweden, 1972), realesed in East Germany on 4 June 1976. The movie isn't well known, but it is one of the first movies with Stellan Skarsgård.
Today office parties take place regularly at Kino International. Big companies love the unique atmosphere there.
The postcard was published by Bild und Heimat in Reichenbach/Vogtland. 
The poster was designed by Heinz Ebel.

Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Bushido" 1965

I noticed, there are many different postcards from only this cinema.
It is very interesting because you can date the photo very exactly with the big (hand made) film poster at the building front. It is a special document of its era, together with the people, cars and other things. Have you seen the blue umbrella, nearly in the middle of the picture - maybe a little ice shop.
The photo was taken in 1965, the postcard was published in 1967 (you can identify this by a special number on postcard's back). Cinema advertised the movie Bushido, Samurai Saga by Tadashi Imai (Japan, 1963). The movie released in East Germany on 11 June 1965.
The movie won the Golden Bear at 13th Berlin International Film Festival in 1963. Today Kino International is one of the scenes of this Film Festival.
The postcard was published by VEB Bild und Heimat in Reichenbach/Vogtland. 
The poster was designed by Heinz Ebel.

Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Der Teufel und die 10 Gebote" 1964

This postcard is from 1965. Kino International advertised the movie Der Teufel und die 10 Gebote /  Le diable et les 10 commandements by Julien Duvivier (France/Italy 1962), released in East Germany on 24 January 1964.
The postcard was sent in 1970 as a birthday card to Monica, a schoolgirl in Eisenhüttenstadt. I bought this postcard from Ebay and got it on my birthday.
This is the marvellous world of postcards.
The postcard was published by VEB Bild und Heimat in Reichenbach/Vogtland. 
The poster was designed by Erhard Grüttner.


Cinéma Le Pestel in Die/France

This building doesn't look like a cinema - there isn't any advertising for movies or for a cinema at all. It looks more like a nice apartment building. But on the back side of the postcard is written: DIE. - Cinéma "Le Pestel"
I was really surprised when I noticed, that the building is still used as a cinema. Look here: Cinéma Le Pestel. It was opened in 1943 and has one hall with 200 seats. 
Die is only a little commune with about 4,500 inhabitants in the Drôme department in southeastern France. The little town is situated in the Drôme valley, surrounded by the Glandasse mountain. An old place with an unique nature - and a beautiful cinema too. Spend your next holidays in Die!


Kosmos in Tallinn/Estonia

Cinema Kosmos in Tallinn was opened on 10th march 1964 as the largest film theatre in the Baltics. There was one hall with 1015 seats, and the area of the screen reached 240 square meters. In 1997 the Kosmos cinema was entered in the register of protected landmarked buildings.
In December 2014, the Kosmos cinema reclaimed its title of the most advanced screening hall in the Baltic States. During the renovation for the construction of the new screen with the area of 300 square meters, the building was extended by one storey into the ground. Nowadays Kosmos IMAX has three screening halls. The largest, accommodating 322 viewers, is called IMAX after the technology in use. Apart from the IMAX hall, there are two smaller screening halls – LEM and KUBRICK, with 49 seats each. Regular 2D and 3D movies are shown in the smaller halls.
The postcard is from 1971. It is noteworthy that there is written the name of the architect on it: I. (Ilmar) Laasi.

Just got another postcard showing cinema Kosmos in Tallinn. This postcard is from 1987.