Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Gräfin Cosel" 1969

A colour postcard with Kino International on a summer day. The cinema advertises the movie Gräfin Cosel / Hrabina Cosel (directed by Jerzy Antczak, Poland 1968), realeased in East German cinemas on 13 June 1969.
Anna Constantia Countess of Cosel (1680 - 1765) was a German noblewoman and mistress of Augustus the Strong, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony. But this love hadn't a happy end, Augustus has arrested her in 1716 to Burg Stolpen/Saxony, where she died after 49 years of imprisonment.
The postcard was published by VEB Bild und Heimat in Reichenbach/Vogtland.
The poster was designed by Gerhard Rappus.



This postcard is a photo that could be sent as a postcard. But unfortunately it wasn't send as a postcard. The backside is empty and you can read nothing about this cinema on the photo-postcard.
It is a riddle - and I love riddles and that is why I bought this card.

You can read at the card the name of the cinema: Imperial-Kino and the advertising for the movie Im goldenen Käfig (In the gilded cage). This movie - so I knew from Murnau Stiftung - was realesed in Germany on 5 October 1912, directed by Curt A. Stark, produced by Messters Projektions GmbH.
There is written on a poster inside: "Heute Preiserhöhung. (Today price rice.) II. Platz 25 ₰, I. Platz 35  ₰".  ₰ is a sign for Pfennig, a former German coin. 
So I know the cinema was situated in Germany and has opened about 1912.

Let's look for more information to Kinowiki
Cinemas called Imperial worked about 1912 and later in these German cities:
- Dresden, Moritzstrasse 3, opened in 1908 as Imperial-Kino
- Löbau, Innere Zittauer Strasse, opened in 1910 as Imperial-Theater
- Munich, Schützenstrasse 1 a, opened in 1907 as Imperial-Theater
- Riesa, Poppitzer Strasse 2, opened in 1909 as Imperial-Tonbild-Theater
- Wiesbaden, Rheinstrasse 41, mentioned between 1907 and 1917 as Imperial-Biograph-Theater
- Freital, Lange Strasse 1, opened in 1911 as Imperial-Theater 
- Radebeul, Harmoniestrasse 14, opened in 1910 as Imperial-Welt-Kino
- Roßbach - today Hranice u Aše in Czechia, Hauptstraße 463, opened in 1910
as Imperial-Kino.

The only cinemas called Imperial-Kino were in Dresden and Roßbach. But Roßbach was a Bohemian town, has belonged to the Austrian Emprire until 1918. There they had no Pfennig as coins, but Heller. So the cinema at the postcard is the Imperial-Kino in Dresden.

The next question is: Who are the men in front of the cinema?



Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Schloß Gripsholm" 1964

Here is another postcard from 1965. The cinema is advertising the movie Schloß Gripsholm from West Germany, made by Kurt Hoffmann in 1963. It released at East German cinemas on 7 August 1964. 
Schloß Gripsholm is originally a novel written in 1931 by Kurt Tucholsky (1890-1935).
This postcard was published by VEB Bild und Heimat in Reichenbach/Vogtland.
The poster was designed by Armin Zoll.