Drive-in cinema Zempow/Germany

This drive-in cinema is located in Brandenburg/East Germany. It opened in 1977 and was the only drive-in cinema in East Germany - and still works! Look here: www.autokino-zempow.com
Jean Christopher Burger produced in 2006 a documentary about this cinema "Vor Einbruch der Dunkelheit".

Kaniv in Kaniv/Ukraine

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about this cinema in Kaniv in Central Ukraina and about cinemas at all in Kaniv. There is written "Wide screen movie theatre Kaniv" on top of the building, over the doors "Long live Marxism-Leninism!"
The film Иваново детство (Ivan's childhood) (Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR, 1962) was shot for the most part near Kaniv at the Dnieper River. 

By the way, a cinema is shown in Andrei Tarkovsky's diploma film Каток и скрипка (The Steamroller and the Violin) (1961). The cinema is named Заря (Sarya, in engl. Red sky at morning). The film Чапаев (Chapaev) (USSR, 1934) is advertising. I couldn't find anything about this cinema and the place, where the movie was made. Maybe somebody can help me to identify it. Please leave a comment.

Deutsches Haus in Sigmaringen/Germany

This interesting multiview postcard from 1960 shows an exterior and four interior views of the cinema "Deutsches Haus (German House)" in Sigmaringen. The house was originally built as a hotel at the Ludwigsplatz. It was the best hotel in town. In 1917 they are started showing movies, maybe in a restaurant. The interior has the good 1950s design. The last picture show was in 1969. The building was destroyed in 2011.
The best I like the little cash desk in the top right picture - a lovely working place.


Filmtheater Wolfen/Germany

Wolfen is a town in Sachsen-Anhalt, now a part of Bitterfeld. It is famous for chemistry industry (Agfa, ORWO), also for the production of films. The cinema was built by Hugo Seitz. It was the most modern cinema in Germany when it opened in 1956. The postcard was made in 1966, the cinema advertised the movie "Boccaccio '70" (Italy, 1962), the movie came to Wolfen in summer 1965. Now it is closed.

Just found a little history about the cinemas in Wolfen, published by the municipal archive Bitterfeld-Wolfen, look here.