Filmcasino in Wien/Austria

I got this postcard  from my friend Josefine in 1996. At this time I worked sometimes in a little cinema named Casablanca as a projectionist. There was shown every Saturday the Austrian movie Müllers Büro and the good old Casablanca. I still know many songs and scenes by heart. 
Now I found this postcard again.
It is an extraordinary postcard: Looks like a photo - but it is a painting. Painted by Franz Zadrazil (1942 - 2005), known for his photo-realistic depictions of Viennese facades, business portals and rail stations. Zadrazil has repeatedly painted cinemas, cinemas were a part of his childhood. His father was a projectionist at Wiener Imperialkino, and the boy often went home with his father from work through the night city.
The Filmcasino in Margaretenstrasse was opened in 1954 after renovation by Albrecht F. Hrzan. A cinema has been at this place since 1911. But at the beginning of the 1970s, the hall had to be closed and then served as a venue for a Yugoslav cultural association. In 1989 Folk High School Margareten leased the vacant and old cinema and discovered a 1950s architectural jewel behind old Tito paintings. On September 21, 1989,  the Filmcasino, gently renovated by the architects Elsa Prochazka and Silvin Seelich, reopened with the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And it is still today a good place for films after some renovations.
The postcard is also significantly for me. In 2001 I was for my honeymoon trip in Vienna and on an evening I went to this place. I saw there Nanni Moretti's La stanza del figlio (Italy, 2001). Still remember the well maintained 1950s style and the old chairs. Waiting for the beginning of the film, I remembered my friend Josefine, studied law in Italy, and old friends Max and Larry around the corner.

I received this postcard via postcrossing. It is an ad card for the documentary Studio 54 (USA 2018) with a special label from the cinema Filmcasino.