Theatre Row in Tacoma, Washington/USA

I got this interesting postcard via Postcrossing from Danielle from Tacoma. The picture is painted by Marshall L. Johnson. It shows the historic Theater District of downtown Tacoma circa 1930.  Encompassing the Pantages, Rialto, and Theatre on the Square, the Broadway Center manages the largest complex of theaters between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Additionally, The Broadway Center Conservatory and Education Department provide one of the largest performing arts education programs in Washington State.
Let's go to Tacoma!


Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, Virginia/USA

The Tally Ho Theatre opened in 1931 as a motion picture and performing arts venue with about 700 seats, later split in two halls. Now the Tally Ho has recently been renovated and opened to host live music, theater, and other events.
Leesburg is a town in the hunt country Virginia and the cinema is named after the cry of the foxhunter upon the sighting of his quarry.

Shanghai Concert Hall/China

Shanghai Concert Hall was founded in 1930, originally named Nanking Theatre. In 1949, it adopted the name Beijing Cinema. In 1959, it was named Shanghai Concert Hall till today.
The building was designed by the Chinese architect Fan Wen-jiao.
Now Shanghai Concert Hall can accommodate 1,122 seats, 640 on the ground floor and 482 on the second floor.

I got this postcard via postcrossing from the Netherlands. You can see the advertising for the movie Tarzan and His Mate (USA, 1934) with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan.