Crișana in in Oradea / Romania

Cinema Crisana in Oradea postcard

Crișana (Hungarian: Körösvidék, German: Kreischgebiet) is a geographical and historical region in north-western Romania, named after the Criș (Körös) River. And it also the name of a cinema in Oradea, one of most important Romanian cities in this area.

The cinema Crișana was built according to a project-type for cinema with 400 seats (architect: Mariana Bucur, engineer: Sergiu Cîrlan). It started playing in 1962 with 450 seats in one hall. It was demolished in 2017, after it had been unused for a long time.

Look here at last pictures outside and inside.

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Vörös Csillag Filmszinhás in Túrkeve / Hungary


Cinema Vörös Csillag Türkeve postcard

Cinema Vörös Csillag ("Red Star") in Túrkeve opened its doors at July 9, 1964. It was a widescreen-cinema with 440 seats. Look here a short film about opening in 1964.

From September 17, 1989 the cinema has named Korda Sándor Filmszínházra.

Korda Sándor was born in Pusztaturpásztó, now a part of the town Túrkeve, on September 16, 1893. He became famous as Alexander Korda as a British film director, producer and screenwriter. One of his most famous film as a producer is The Thief of Bagdad (1940), one of those timeless classics for the whole family. (Look at the postcard with cinema Marmorhaus in Berlin!)

Alexander Korda died in 1956 in London. The Alexander Korda Award for Outstanding British Film of the Year is given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. But the biggest award is a cinema with the own name ...

Alexander Korda had two younger brothers, Zoltán (1895-1961) and Vincent (1897-1979), who also had careers in the film industry, often working with Alexander. The writer and nephew Michael Korda published in 1972 the book Charmed Life about his family. When will the book come to the screen?

I think, the cinema closed around 2018.

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