Capitol in Parchim / Germany

Parchim Capitol postcard 1953

This postcard is from 1953. Parchim is a small town in northern Germany. The cinema at the old market opened in 1929. At that time it was called U.T., later Capitol.

Even later it was given the name Theater der Freundschaft / Theater of Friendship

Look at this photo: 

Parchim Theater der Freundschaft

Friendship in this context meant, above all, friendship with the USSR. Until the early 1990s, Parchim was the largest Soviet military airfield in the GDR.

What happened to the airport later can be seen in the documentary film Parchim International.

Today there is the Movie Star cinema in Parchim.

The building is still standing and now there is an Indian shop.

My grandparents lived in Parchim for a few years when I was little. I don't think we went to the cinema together.

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