Arena in München/Germany

The Arena cinema has been delighting people since 1912. It is the fourth oldest cinema in Munich. And it is not one of the biggest. It started with one hall in with about 120 places. It was a cinema for the neighborhood, soldiers, maids. And it is still today a place for everybody loving movies.
In 2012, the hall was departed in two tiny halls: one with 64, one with 38 seats.
The photo on the postcard was taken in September 1974. Cinema advertises Festival des Phantastischen Films 1974. There was shown movies like Der Flug zur Hölle / The Land Unknown (USA 1957), Das grüne Blut der Dämonen Quatermass and the Pit (USA 1967), Die Rache der Pharaonen / The Mummy (UK 1959), Frankensteins Ungeheuer / The Evil of Frankenstein (UK 1964).
The postcard is a clever made ad card. You got a free ticket, sent the postcard to a friend and came with friend and postcard to the cinema.
There was published also a booklett about Arena on the occasion of the 100th birthday: Nie bedeutend ... aber immer noch da by Winfried Sembdner.

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