Lichtspiele der Freundschaft in Wünschendorf (Elster) / Germany

Wünschendorf is a community in Thuringia, today with about 2.800 inhabitants and no cinema.
I couldn't find any facts about this cinema. Andreas Praefcke lists on Carthalia an older postcard from 1966.
At all, the building looks like other East German Socialist cinema buildings. I think it was built about 1960 to bring culture to the village. It is now closed.
The postcard is from 1973. The cinema advertises the 1966 Italian film Unser Boß ist eine DameOperazione San Gennaro / Treasure of San Gennaro. It came to East German screens on 29 March 1968.
The name Lichtspiele der Freundschaft (Cinema of Friendship) was a common name for cinemas in East Germany. Above all, it refers to the friendship with the Soviet Union. But everybody loves going to the movies with friends.

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