Lichtspieltheater der Jugend in Frankfurt (Oder) / Germany

This postcard is from 1955, when the rebuilt cinema opened again. 
The house was built in 1910 as a concert hall and restaurant by Ludwig Engel. Since 1919 it has used as a cinema with more than 1.000 seats, Decla-Lichtspiele managed by Max Perlinsky. It was destroyed inside in World War II, but had good chances for a reconstruction. In 1954 the works started after plans from Wilhelm Flemming. 
The Lichtspieltheater der Jugend (Cinema of the Youth) opened on April 30, 1955 with the new East German comedy Sommerliebe. I'm not sure, if the poster in front of the cinema advertises this movie. 
The sculpture left of the entrace shows a debris woman, remembering the destroyed and rebuilt city. The sculpture right of the entrace shows a steel craftsman, because Frankfurt (Oder) was a center of steel production.
The cinema closed in 1998, when a new cinema opened in the city. It is a listed monument, but not a nice monument. There were and are different plans for a new chance of this interesting building, maybe a museum of modern arts. Look at this facebook site.

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