Awrora in Krasnodar/Russia

Krasnodar is the 16th most populated city in Russia with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants. 
Cinema Awrora opened there on 13 May 1967. The cinema was a project by Sochi Design Institute Giprokommunstroy under the direction of chief architect Yevgeny Serdyukov. 
The cinema has two halls, a big one with 1.179 seats and a small one with 130 seats.
Now it is closed for reconstruction. As written on website an open air cinema shows movies meantime. 
The sculpture of Aurora impresses the view of the cinema. It was created in 1967 on the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution by Ivan Shmagun. Aurora is the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. But it has also a political statement. On 25 October (7 November new style) 1917, the cruiser Aurora in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg) fired the first shot, signalling the beginning of the attack on the Winter Palace. 
The opening movie in this cinema was Залп «Авроры» / The Salvos of the Aurora Cruiser by Yuri Vyshinsky from 1965 about October Revolution, shown in 70mm format.

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