Oktyabr in Minsk/Belarus

The cinema Oktyabr (October) opened on January 30, 1975 on the site of the former cinema Zorka (Star) with the film Blockade (USSR, 1974). 
The architekt was W.M.Malyshev. It had one hall with 1.388 seats in the form of an amphitheater. After modernization in 2012, it has still 1.180 seats and a screen 22 by 10 meters.
You can see on the postcard advertisement for the film Бегство мистера Мак-Кинли / The Flight of Mr. MacKinley - a 1975 Soviet science fiction film directed by Mikhail Schweitzer.  
Here you can read more about old and new cinemas in Minsk.
Here is another postcard from this cinema from 1978.

The cinema seems to be closed. In the building there is today Maxshow Disco Club.

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