Schauburg in Güstrow / Germany

The Schauburg cinema was built between 1958 and 1960 by Hochbau Schwerin according to plans by the architect E.-M. Hetzer. It was the second cinema at this place. In 1914, the cinema Welttheater was set up in a former steel factory building. Around 1930 the name was changed to Schauburg. Since this building was in very bad condition after the war, it was closed in 1958.
The new Schauburg had 712 places and also the technic for showing 70mm films.
In 1993, the cinema had a new owner - Kieft & Kieft, but it had to be closed in September 2005 due to fire safety shortcomings. The cinema was closed for more than a year, until in September 2006, a new operator re-opened the cinema under the name Moviestar
Today the cinema has 4 halls with 354, 122, 122 and 22 places, modern technology and fire protection systems.
The postcard is published in 1962. In the showcase you can see advertising for a movie titled something with Abenteuer (Adventure). It could be the 1960 Soviet movie Das Millionenabenteuer / Спасите наши души / Save our souls directed by Aleksei Mishurin, came to East German cinemas in May 1961.

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