Cathay in Singapore

Cathay Cinema in the Cathay Building was opened on 3 October 1939. The building was the first skyscraper in Singapore and at a height of 83.5 metres the tallest building in Southeast Asia at that time. It was designed by British architect Frank W. Brewer and was the headquarters for the British Malaya Broadcasting Corporation.
Cathay Cinema had 1.300 seats and it was the island's first air-conditioned cinema.
The name Cathay is an alternative European historical name for China and from the 1935 founded Cathay Organisation Holdings Limited, a Singapore's leisure and entertainment group.
In 1990, Cathay Organisation opened Singapore's first arthouse cinema, The picturehouse adjacent to Cathay Building. The main Cathay Cinema was then converted into a two-hall cineplex.
Cathay Cinema closed in 2000. The front facade of its theatre building structure was gazetted as a national monument for conservation on 10 February 2003, while the rest of the building structure was later demolished.
The newly built Cathay was opened on 24 March 2006. Today there is the 8-screen Cathay Cineplex.
You can see on the postcard, the poster for the movie They Shall Have Music (USA, 1939) and above the entrance advertising for The Man in the Iron Mask (USA, 1939).

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