Cinedom in Köln/Germany

Cinedom in Köln/Cologne is one of the oldest multiplex cinemas in Germany. It was opened on December 20, 1990. The oldest multiplex cinema in Germany is only 10 kilometers away: UCI Kino Hürth Park, opened in October 1990, today with 14 halls. But despite its size and marketing, you'll rarely find a postcard with a multiplex cinema.
I got this postcard from Carla from Cologne via Postcrossing. It isn't a published postcard, it was made by herself and internet. An unique postcard.
The movie theater was a project of film producer Bernd Eichinger (1949-2011). He wanted good cinemas for good films, not the box cinemas of the 70s and 80s. A cathedral for movies with large screens, high technology and convenience for everybody. The architect was Eberhard Zeidler.
The centerpiece of the complex with its tuff facade, is the fully glazed rotunda that opens onto the central square of the Media Park and is covered by a dome at a height of over 30 meters. The 30-meter-high building has a large glass facade on its front side facing the square, which allows a view of the interior of the Cinedom at night.
Tody the Cinedom offers 3748 seats in 14 halls, making it the fifth largest German multiplex cinema. Since 1997, the Cinedom has been the cinema with the highest turnover and the highest number of visitors in Germany.
Danke, Carla, für diese Postkarte!

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