Rex Theatre in Singapore

SingPost - the Singapore Post - was releasing in 2009 a set of Cinema Theatres of Yesteryear stamps featuring the cinemas Cathay, The Majestic, Capitol, Queens and Rex. I had the chance to buy this issue as maximum cards.
The first public screening in Singapore was in 1902 at a tent in an open space at the junction of River Valley Road and Hill Street, and that the first movie theatre opened its door in 1904.
Rex Theatre was opened in 1946.
It was designed by Berthel Michael Iversen, a Danish architect
. Rex Theatre had to shut down its doors in 1976 due to rampancy of videotape piracy. From then on there were no cinemas in the district. 
Later it was a performance house, an ice rink, a Methodist Church and a disco. In 2009, Rex Theatre was converted into a 3 hall modernised cinema and reopened as Rex Cinemas. The main hall on the ground floor has 570 seats, while the other two can accommodate 82 patrons each. In 2018 the cinema was closed again.
On the photo (it is the same on the stamp and on the postcard) you can see promoting the movies House of Dracula (USA, 1945) and The Dolly Sisters (USA, 1945).
Here you can find memories and pictures of Rex Theatre.

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