Röda Kvarn in Halmstad/Sweden


Cinema Roda Kvarn Halmstad postcard 1998
Another maximum card showing a cinema building, published in Sweden in 1998. The design was by Eva Lena Johansson, the stamp was made by Piotr Naszarkowski, photo was taken by Kjell Furberg.
Furberg, who worked as a cinema machinist, has made a name for himself as a cinema historian and his book Svenska Biografer / Cinema Theatres in Sweden was published in 2000. 
The cinema Röda Kvarn ("Red Mill") was built in 1925 according to drawings by the town architect August Svensson (1886–1935). Opening in February 1926, it had 500 seats in one hall.
What distinguishes the cinema is mainly a magnificent classicist screen façade on two floors that is unparalleled in Sweden. Changes have been made to the interior during the 1950s and 1970s, mainly in terms of surface layers, proscenium and ticket office, but on the whole the interior is well preserved with a lounge, balcony and lower and upper foyer. Many time- and cinema-typical details are preserved. The cinema conveys knowledge about the aesthetic ideals of the 1920s and about the importance that the cinema had as a central entertainment palace during the early 20th century. Its unique façade reflects the ambition to give the cinema and the film a reputation and status as a cultural institution through a pompous architecture.
The cinema has been a building monument since 27 May 1994.
Today cinema Röda Kvarn has five halls with 562 seats at all. It is Halmstad's only cinema.

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