Lichtspiele in Hannoversch Münden / Germany

cinema Lichtspiele in Hann. Münden postcard

You see the cinema Lichtspiele on the left site on Lange Strasse. It opened on November 16, 1931. 

The house itself was built in 1582  It is a valuable Münden merchant houses from the late Renaissance. 

The cinema was known as Schiller-Lichtspiele (according to the name of the operator). The cinema hall, which now has 272 seats, is located in the courtyard of the half-timbered house.

With the Covid 19 crisis, the cinema's economic difficulties worsened and it closed in autumn 2020. The team from Capitol in Witzenhausen took over the cinema in Hann. Münden in 2021. It was not easy, but there are still shown films now in the Capitol Hann. Münden.

It's not easy to say when the photo was taken. You can read cinema advertisements above the entrance: "Mary Lou - Lya Mara". It is the 1928 German film Mary Lou with Lya Mara. If the cinema opened in 1931, the film must have been released later than 1928 there. 

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