Columbia in Berlin / Germany


Cinema Columbia Berlin postcard

The free-standing cinema building in Berlin-Tempelhof was built in 1951 for members of the US Air Force who were stationed at Tempelhof Airport. With its rounded, sweeping shapes and shiny materials in a 1950s design, the Columbia is a typical post-war cinema.

The cinemas Outpost in Berlin-Dahlem and L’Aiglon in Berlin-Wedding two more cinemas belonging to the former allies.

When the Allies withdrew from Berlin, the cinema was closed by the Americans and handed over to the Berliners and has been used as a club and event location for a variety of events since 1998. Now there is a theater - the Columbia Theater (since 2015). 

The modern postcard shows a view of this theater. The photo was taken by Gunnar Klack.

Danke, Nadja, für die Karte!

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