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cinema Abaton Hamburg postcard

"Cinema is a sacred place" - the Greek word for sacred place is Abaton (ἄβατον) and the well chosen name for this cinema in Hamburg. To this day, the cinema benefits from being number 1 in the alphabetical list of Hamburg cinemas at the online Film- und Fernsehmuseum Hamburg and also in the overview of the daily newspapers.

Cinema Abaton was founded on October 29, 1970. The cinema with one hall and 450 seats was set up in a building used as a parking garage. At the same time, the large screening room had to be able to be used as a lecture hall by the nearby university during the day.

At the opening the Greek director Constantin Costa-Gavras was also present, whose film The Confession premiered here and was one of the opening films. From day one, the cinema owners' aim was to manage a cinema with non-mainstream programming. The cinema has retained this claim to this day.

The Abaton cinema has today 3 halls with total 520 seats.

I like the cinema's slogan: "Komm mein Schatz, es dunkelt schon, wir woll'n doch noch ins Abaton." ("Come on, my darling, it's already getting dark, we still want to go to the Abaton.") The slogan is printed on the backyard on this advertising postcard. The photo is taken by Andreas Doria in February / March 2010.

The cinema is advertising these films:
- Hier kommt Lola - a 2010 German children film (came to German cinemas on March 04, 2010)
- Verdammnis / Flickan som lekte med elden - a 2009 Swedish crime thriller film (came to German cinemas on February 4, 2010)
- Unsere Ozeane / Océans - a 2009 French documentary (came to German cinemas on February 25, 2010)

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