Cinéma-Théâtre in Mantes-Gassicourt / France

Mantes-Gassicourt, since 1953 Mantes-la-Jolie, is 48 km to the northwest of Paris. 

The first Cinéma-Théâtre was opened on 4th November 1921, built on the site of a theater destroyed by fire. First shown film was Les Trois Mousquetaires (France, 1921).

That cinema was closed on 2nd February 1934 and the new Cinéma-Théâtre was built on this site. It was opened on 22nd August 1934 and had about 1.100 seats. It has been demolished too. 

A new 9-screen CGR multiplex has been built on the site in 2000 and still shows movies. 

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