Sandleitenkino in Wien/Austria

The postcard was sent in 1935, has published before 1934. In 1934 the street's name was changed from Liebknechtgasse to Eberhartgasse.
The cinema opened in 1928 and had 600 places. In 1930 there came sound film, in 1966 the cinema was closed.
I bought this postcard because Sandleiten is an interesting residential area in Vienna. As part of the "Red Vienna" residential building policy, it is an urban residential complex with 1.587 apartments originally built in five stages from 1924 to 1928. The complex, the building blocks of which are mainly divided according to the angle of the sun, is located in the middle of a park-like complex with only a few streets. Its basic concept emerged from an architectural competition and was viewed as an urban planning attempt. The large residential complex was then built according to designs by Otto Schönthal, Emil Hoppe, Franz Matuschek, Siegfried Theiß, Hans Jaksch, Josef Tölk and Franz Krauß.
There were planned not only apartments for 5.000 to 6.000 inhabitants, also doctor's apartments, pharmacies, shops, workshops, an inn and a café, rooms for the police and fire service, laundries, bathing facilities, a kindergarten and a library. And a cinema. Everything you need for a good life.

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