Bergen Kino / Norway

The first public film screening in Norway was on April 6, 1896. Christiania's Circus Variete had something completely new in the program: Max Skladanowsky showed "levende bilder" with his bioscop. 
But I don't know what the date "September 20, 1896" (like written on this postcard) means for Norwegian cinema history. It was the first issue date of the stamp series.
You can see on the stamp:
- Norwegian actor Leif Juster
- Scottish producer and actor Sean Connery and Norwegian actress Liv Ullman
- Norwegian actors Arve Opsahl, Sverre Holm and Carsten Byhring from the Norwegian Olsenbanden
- Norwegian actor, comedian and singer Harald Heide-Steen jr.

On the postcard, you can see the cinema Konsertpaleet. It opened in 1961 and has over time been expanded and merged into a modern multi-storey cinema. Next to it, multiplex cinema Magnus Barfot opened in 2004. 

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