Kino Sõprus in Tallinn/Estonia

Kino Sõprus is the oldest existing cinema in Estonia. The house was built in 1955. Its name is meaning "Friendship", an often used name of cinemas in former socialist countries.
The postcard is from Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum / Museum of Estonian Architecture. They have written the names of the architects on the postcard: Peeter Tarvas and August Volberg. The photo was taken by Karl Oras.

There are advertised two movies:
- on the right Бессонная ночь / Unetu öö / Sleeples Night (USSR, 1960)
- on the left Зимняя фантазия / Talvi Fantaasia / Winter fantasy (USSR, 1960).
The cinema had from beginning two halls. Today they have  210 seats plus 30 seats in the cinema bar in one hall.
I got this postcard via Postcrossing. Tänud, Marianne!

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