Rodina in Ufa/Russia

The Cinema Rodina (Motherland) is an historic cinema building in Lenin Street, the main street of Ufa. The building was opened in 1953, and is still working.
The cinema was built according to the project of architect Semyon Ivanovich Yakshin in the style of Stalin's Empire. The cinema had two large cinema halls - named Red and Blue, each with 350 seats. A small Green Hall with 60 seats was used for showing cartoons and documentaries. 
On the opening day in July 1953, thousands of Ufa residents visited the new cinema and watched the film Незабываемый 1919-й год / The Unforgettable Year 1919 (USSR, 1951).
In the 1990s, the cinema building underwent reconstruction, the cinema equipment was replaced.
It is now a listed building.
The cinema often holds film premieres with the participation of Russian filmmakers and also weeks of thematic cinema (Russian Film Festival, Indian Cinema Week, Kazakh Cinema Days).
The cinema building looks very similar to Cinema Ukraina in Novorossiysk, even I named there another architect.
The postcard is from 1990.

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