Cinema in Piennes/France

I saw 1917 and They shall not grown old and Un long dimanche de fiançailles in the cinema. This postcard reminds me of these films. It was sent in October 1916 by military mail from France to Germany. Arthur wrote to his sister Frieda in Chemnitz. Among other things, he asked her if she could send him the shaving kit. (At all, not easy readable.)
He didn't write anything about hospital or cinema.

Feldpostkarte von Arthur Fischer an Frieda Fischer in Chemnitz 1916
Piennes is a commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department in north-eastern France, about 40 km northeast of Verdun. The cinema was used by German army, later it was a hospital during the war. I don't know if it was used as a cinema before and after the war. The building is still standing (look at this interesting website www.morthomme.com.)
Today there is still a cinema in Piennes, but not in the shown building.

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