Filmbühne in Schwarzheide/Germany

Schwarzheide is a small town about 140 km south of Berlin. When the postcard was printed in 1963, about 8,200 people lived there. Today fewer than 6,000 people live there. But it is an important town thanks to lignite. A plant was built in 1935 in Schwarzheide as a hydrogenation plant for the production of synthetic gasoline and has primarily been used for polyurethane production since 1972. After Ludwigshafen, the production there is one of the largest European locations within the BASF group.
This cinema opened in 1940 in Schwarzheide. The owner was Hans Prinz, he called it Prinz-Lichtspiele. It had 481 places. With the nationalization, the name was changed to Filmbühne.
Films were shown there until 1991. 
The building has been used as a town hall since 1998.

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