Oktyabr in Smolensk/Russia

Cinema Oktyabr - October - was opened on November 7, 1948 on the anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution. It had about 1.000 seats in two halls. Its construction began in 1938 according to a standard design developed by the architect Viktor Petrovich Kalmykov (1908-1981). He was the chief specialist in the design and construction of cinemas in the USSR. In total, there are four such cinemas left - Zvezda in Tver, Rodina in Elista, Simferopol in Crimea and Oktyabr in Smolensk.
Two years after the start, construction was suspended due to the termination of funding. During the German occupation in the unfinished building on July 16, 1943, the Vozrozhdenie cinema opened.The construction of the cinema was resumed in the autumn of 1945. The opening ceremony was held on November 7, 1948, and until 1970 it was the largest cinema in the city. 

In the early 2000s. the building fell into disrepair. Cinema closed about 2010. Periodically, the halls used for exhibitions - dinosaurs, butterflies, monkeys, wax figures and as a shopping mall.
The postcard is from 1962.
Here you can read more about the history of cinemas in Smolensk (in Russian).

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