Nizami Cinema Center in Baku/Azerbaijan

Nizami Cinema Center in Azerbaijan's capital Baku was opened in 1934. Sadig Dadashov and Mikayl Huseynov were the architects. The cinema was named after the poet Nizami Ganjavi, a 12th century Persian poet.
In 2011, the cinema was renovated and reopened. Now it has at all 4 halls with 500, 80, 50 and 24 seats.
The postcard is published in 1960.
Cinema came to Azerbaijan already in 1898. The Russian-French photographer Alexander Mishon has shot several film subjects on the city and has featured on August 2, 1898 - Day of Azerbaijani Cinema today.
In 1915, the Belgian Pirone brothers set up a film production lab in Baku. They invited the Russian director Boris Svetlovu to work on them. Svetlov's film In the Kingdom of Oil and Millions (1916) was the first and very successful Azerbaijan epic film.

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