Strandkino in Kulkwitz / Germany


Strandkino im Naherholungszentrum Kulkwitz bei Leipzig postcard 1979
I don't post normally multiview postcards, but this card is a memory of the 1988 summer I spent there.

The Kulkwitzer See is a lake west of the city Leipzig, not far from the large 1970's development area Grünau (where my vocational school was). The lake emerged from two former brown coal opencast mining. Since 1864, coal has mined there. The two remaining open pit holes were flooded from 1963 and opened as a recreational area in 1973. It is still a popular leisure center to this day. Due to its underwater flora and fauna and its good visibility, the lake is one of the ten best diving waters in Germany.

But there ain't no cinema anymore. The Standkino / Beach Cinema (picture top left) - opened in the 1970s with about 150 seats - burnt down in February 2004.

The construction was a corrugated iron building, looked like half a tin can and you could find it on many summer vacation spots in East Germany - 116 such of these cinemas in 1988. It was a simple construction without air conditioning. On a hot summer day it could be very hot inside.

I met a modern version of these beach cinemas on the island of Hiddensee in summer 2019 - Zeltkino Hiddensee. It is so relaxing to watch a good film in the evening after a beautiful day at the sea.

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