Schlossplatz-Lichtspiele in Hersbruck / Germany


Hersbruck Lichtspiele postcard

Hersbruck is a small town near Nuremberg, on an old route from Nuremberg to Prague.  The town was founded in 976 when a castle was built there near the bridge over the Pegnitz river. The castle in the center of the photo was rebuilt in the 16th century. Today the district court is there.

On Schlossplatz No. 4, there is a half-timbered building with the former castle brewery. Films have been shown there from 1920 till the 1960s. The cinema Schlossplatz-Lichtspiele had 250 seats in the last years.

The postcard was sent in 1961. The photo may be from the early 1960s, when there were still few cars in Hersbruck, so you could leave a stroller with a child on the street to look at the poster photos.

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