Mestni kino Metropol in Celje / Slovenia

The city Celje is located 70 km  northeast of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. The celts were here. And it is still a place worth visiting - also because of its cinema.

The Mestni Kino Metropol (City Cinema Metropol) opened in 1936. Its architect was Jože Plečnik. Plečnik (1827-1957) is a famous Slovenian architect, he worked also in Vienna and in Prague. The back of this postcard reminds of him. The photo on the postcard shows the cinema during the Domestic Film Festival in 1978. But the postcard is from the 2020s.

On July 7, 2004, the Filter Creativity Society took over the management of the closed Mestni kino Metropol. The cinema Metropol is now dedicated to domestic, European and independent film. A big vision for a little cinema with 288 seats in one hall. 
In April 2016, cinema Metropol was the cinema of the month on FilmNewEurope.com.

Here you can read more about the history of cinema in Celje.

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