Kino International in Berlin/Germany - "Die zweite Wahrheit" 1967

Another postcard from Kino International in Berlin.
This time it was a bit harder to determine the date of the photo on the basis of the movie poster. I succeeded with the help of the book Mehr Kunst als Werbung. Das DDR Filmplakat 1945 bis 1990 by Detlef Helmbold, which contains all East German cinema posters. Looking this book is like a walk through film and design history.
The poster on the cinema belongs to the movie Die zweite Wahrheit/La seconde vérité. It is a 1966 French film directed by Christian-Jaque.
The movie started on 13 October 1967 at Kino International.
The postcard was published by Verlag Felix Setecki, Berlin, in 1968.

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