Kino Intimes in Berlin/Germany

Kino Intimes opened in 1909 in Berlin-Friedrichshain as Lichtspiele des Ostens. It was and is a really tiny cinema, with 151 seats in the first years, today with 83 seats. Therefore it was called in 1924 Kino Intimes, Cinema intimate.
The only  hall offers the full program of a typical 1970s design: The walls are arranged with brown velvet and brown wood and the ceiling also offers a wood paneling towards the canvas - of course in brown. For more pictures look at Kinokompendium Berlin.
At the postcard you can see advertisments for these films:
The colorful creative housewall with cinema's neon light
is a popular photo opportunity. So I have another postcard from this cinema. I got both postcards from Ina. Vielen Dank, Ina!

The cinema was closed in April 2019. It has a new company and a new hall after renovation. Now the audience can choose between Hall 1 with 72 seats and Hall 2 with 33 seats.

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