Filmpalast in Nienburg/Germany

Honestly this isn't a normal postcard. But this picture was sent as a postcard to me. I got it from Britta via Postcrossing. Imagine - she read my wish for postcrads with cinema buildings, went to her local cinema, took a photo, made a postcard with this photo and sent it to me. Incredible.
Filmpalast Nienburg (Weser) opened in 1936 as Film-Eck with about 860 seats in one hall. Today it has two halls. Britta wrote there are plans for a new cinema with 7 halls. But for this new building in the harbour old trees had to be felled. Therefore much displeasure is in the city.
At all an interesting building and a postcard handmade with fantasy and love.
Vielen Dank, Britta!

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