Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin/Germany

Three ad-cards show Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The house was built in 1927/28 and was used as a dance hall called Delphi Palace. In 1949 the house was reopened as a cinema, with now 784 seats in one hall. 
The movie title over the entrance is a litte riddle because of the hidden letters - the title is Vergebung (in English: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, Swedish: Luftslottet som sprängdes, Sweden 2009). This movie run in summer 2010 in the German movie theatres.

I love the fan-shaped Delphi-emblem over the door, unfortunately not very well photographed at the postcard. It looks like a part of an arrow to the entrance. It is also used by the Delphi film distribution. This distribution started in 1985 with the rerelease of Billy Wilder's One, Two, Three (1961). Later this cinematic masterpiece has shown for one year at Delphi Filmpalast.

Danke, Ina, für die Karten!

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