Zoo Palast Berlin/Germany

Zoo Palast in Berlin was built in 1956/57 by Paul Schwebes, Hans Schoszberger und Gerhard Fritsche. At first there were two halls, with 1070 and 550 seats. Later there were some rebuildings - the cinema had 9 halls with 2758 seats in 1999. In 2013 the Zoo Palast was opened nearly new, with 7 halls and 1700 seats. Look here to see more pictures: kinokompendium.de.
The postcard was made in 1958. The cinema advertised the movie "Die Katze / La chatte / The cat" (Henri Decoin, Italy 1958).

Zoo Palast has been the main cinema for the Berlin International Film Festival from 1957 till 1999.
The postcard shows the French actress Brigitte Fossey, the German actor Rüdiger Vogler and the German film director Helma Sanders-Brahms during the Film Festival in Berlin in 1985.
I love this postcard, got it via Postcrossing. It reminds me when I visited the Berlin International Film Festival in 1992 with Unifilm Saarbrücken. An unique and crazy excess of films. We used to have front-row seats, also in the big hall of the Zoo Palast - a very interesting vista.

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