City Theater in Steenwijk / Netherlands

Steenwijk City Theater postcard

The City Theater in Steenwijk opened in 1959. The owner was Johan Miedema Sr. His Frisian cinema exploitation company came to Steenwijk in 1945 and converted the concert hall into the Roxy Cinema
When Johan Miedema Sr. was given the opportunity to build a completely new theater on the Goeman Borgesiusstraat, he grabbed it with both hands. In 1958 the Roxy was closed and the new City Theater was opened in 1959 in collaboration with Ger and Jantje Vos. The City Theater  had one auditorium, but the cinema was renovated in 2000. The theater now has 3 modern cinema rooms with large screens, digital sound and plenty of legroom.
Ludie Vos, the son of Ger and Jantje Vos, tells: 'Because my father was already showing films in Lumiére (Wapen van Steenwijk), he was not happy with the arrival of a new cinema. But due to the good relationship my father had with the municipality, a proposal was reached that both parties agreed with. The requirement that the municipality made of Miedema was that my father would become manager of this cinema. Both parties agreed to this and the cinema could be built.'

The cinema is still working and belongs now to Luxor Cinemas. 

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