Wendelstein-Lichtspiele in Degerndorf am Inn / Germany


Wendelstein-Lichtspiele Degerndorf postcard

Wendelstein is a 1,838-metre-high (6,030 ft) mountain in the Bavarian Alps in South Germany - the mountain in the middle of the photo.

In 1936, Josef Reheis built the Filmtheater Degerndorf-Brannenburg, a 295-seat cinema hall. The movie theater had such a large audience that a second cinema hall was added in 1955. After enlargement the cinema was called Wendelstein-Lichtspiele. The cinema closed in 1969.

I think, the owner Josef Reheis was a relative of Max Reheis (1869-1936). Max Reheis was a famous cyclist in his youth, later he had a bike shop. He opened the cinema Stadt-Kinematograph in Rosenheim in 1909 and the Central-Kinematographen-Theater in Salzburg in 1912.

The postcard was sent in 1963.

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