Osterburg-Theater in Weida / Germany

Osterburg-Theater Weida postcard

The castle Osterburg is located in the Thuringian Vogtland. It lies prominently above the river Weida and the town of the same name. 

The cinema Osterburg-Theater was built in 1928 in the New Building style. Bauobersekretär Otto Becker from Weida was the architect. It had more than 800 seats. It was also equipped with a stage, stage building, fly loft and orchestra pit for a variety of uses like films, stage shows, variety shows, theater and concerts. 

In 1977/78 there was a comprehensive renovation, among this the installation of a Visionsbar (vision bar). The vision bar was a speciality in East German cinemas. In the 1970s, parts of the cinema hall were partitioned off with a pane of glass and fitted with armchairs and tables. You could eat and drink during the cinema performance. So really a mixture of cinema (vision) and bar.

Films were shown in the Osterburg-Theater until 1993. 

In 2003 the building was transformed into a community center, a modern cultural meeting place.
A Pentacon film projector, which was used until 1993, stands in front of the former cinema.

The postcard was sent in 1950 from Weida to Görlitz. Unfortunately, no publisher or artist is noted on it. It is still in very good quality today. Especially the strong paper is striking. I think the postcard was printed as early as around 1930.

Für meine Freundin Astrid aus Weida!

Wünschendorf with the former cinema Lichtspiele der Freundschaft is 5 km away.

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