Ata-Tau in Almaty / Kazakhstan


cinema Ala-Tau in Almaty postcard 1965

The cinema Alatau was opened in 1960. This postcard is from 1965.

The building was a typical Soviet cinema building. Its architects were Evgeny Dyatlov and Igor Popov. The auditorium originally accommodated 780 people. Alatau has also become a kind of cinema center. Here meetings were held with prominent persons from cinema and theater. Together with the Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet Cinema, the Young Friend of Cinema club was organized, as well as clubs for patriotic, legal and atheistic education. 

In July 2002 the cinema was reopened after restoration with 592 seats. The cinema was closed in 2013 and was destroyed in October 2015.

Today you can find a McDonald's restaurant on this place.

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