Scala in Mukachevo / Ukraine


Cinema Scala Mukachevo postcard 1958
The cinema Scala opened in 1929. At this times (from 1919 till 1938) the city Mukachevo in Transcarpathia was part of Czechoslovakia, later of Hungary (till 1945), then of the Soviet Union and since 1991 Ukraine.

The cinema was built in the style of modernism. It was designed by the famous Czechoslovak architect Ludovít Oelschläger (1896-1984) a native of the Slovak city of Košice. Among his works the Jewish synagogue and school in Košice, cinema Slovan in Košice, trade academy in Mukachevo (now city house of culture), Sanatorium in Tatranská Polianka, a cinema in Uzhhorod.

In Soviet times, the name Scala was changed into Перемога / Peremoha ("Victory") - as you can see above the entry on the 1958 published postcard. The cinema was renamed in the 1990s and still works. Today there are 329 places in the hall and a VIP-box on the balcony with 82 seats and separate tables.

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