Milenium in Słupsk/Poland

Cinema Milenium in Słupsk - the name points to the future of cinematography. Opened in 1963, it was one of the first in Poland to have a cinerama. It belonged to the ten most important cinemas in Poland .
The cinema inaugurated its activity on April 4, 1963 with a screening of the film Zerwany most (Poland 1962, directed by Jerzy Passendorfer).
Initially, the Milenium cinema had 724 seats in the auditorium, but their number decreased slightly after subsequent renovations and as a result of enlarging the stage. At the beginning of the 1970s, the number of seats was reduced to 640, in 1979 the reclining seats were replaced with new ones, and in 1999 another renovation and modernization of the stage forced the number of seats to be reduced to 600. 
On December 16, 2000 the cinema showed its last film: Zerwany most.
Now there is a supermarket in this building.
You can read the advertised movie above the entrance: Lekarstwo na miłość (Poland 1966, directed by Jan Batory).
I found many photos of this cinema here.

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