Licht- und Schauspielhaus in Krnov/Czech Republic

Another cinema designed by Leo Kammel. 
The official opening took place on 11 November 1928. The renowned pianist Poldi Mildner performed at the event accompanied by the Municipal Orchestra; after the concert, there was a screening of the film Der Meister von Nürnberg / The Master of Nuremberg (Germany, 1927).
The original name of the theatre was Lichtspiel und Stadttheater / Městské kino a divadlo v Krnově (The Municipal Cinema and Theatre in Krnov). After the communist putsch in February 1948, the theatre was renamed to Julius Fučik’s Theatre. This is why the bust of this member of the communist revolt promoted by the propaganda was installed in the theatre. After 1945, the cinema was named Narodni. In 1990, the name of the theatre was changed back to the Municipal Theatre Krnov and the bust of J. Fucik was removed.
This unique example of expressionist theatre architecture in Czech Republic is today the
Městské divadlo / Municipall Theatre in Krnov.

You can read more about this building on the Theatre Database.

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